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Our Sincere Pledge to All Students:

The University is committed to bringing the best possible education opportunities in Chittagong: To these end, the university has adopted the following mission statement: “East Delta University is committed to excellence in all aspects of life both inside and outside the classroom, to integrity, innovation that improves quality of life, respect for diversity and enhancement of global learning through extensive collaborative efforts with universities and businesses all around the world.”We are absolutely committed to our mission.

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  • EDU Library – A place of mysticism

    EDU Library – A place of mysticism

    By Mehnaz Huda Executive HR & Admin Since the very inception, East Delta University held a firm belief that a […]

  • Greetings Everyone!

    Greetings Everyone!

     We started East Delta University’s first newsletter “EDU Parchment” back in 2010. “EDU Parchment” started with the revelation of providing […]

  • Sending With Love

    Sending With Love

    By Swong Ching U (Cherry) BBA (Senior) The inception of this idea took place at the Brine Pickles workshop. And, […]

  • Exam Rush

    Exam Rush

    By Shad Hussain BBA (Senior) The summer heat of 2011 had gripped the city of Chittagong hard, and showed no […]

  • University Through The Students’ Eyes

    University Through The Students’ Eyes

    By Swong Ching U (Cherry) In the dictionary, the word “University” is defined as – An institution of learning of […]

  • Our study, our work

    Our study, our work

      I was walking down the corridor and my eyes got stuck upon the three jovial girls passing information to […]


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