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Greetings Everyone!

 We started East Delta University’s first newsletter “EDU Parchment” back in 2010. “EDU Parchment” started with the revelation of providing a creative writing space; aspiring students to play with words, inspiring vision and to bring their inner most thoughts to enlightenment.

“E-Parchment” is a continued online version with the very same purpose and vision. This is a place to frolic in words, a place to venture in bringing letters to life and to give inspiration to a new meaning. So, put your pen to paper, get steady on keyboard and let your minds flow.
Keep writing and sending your contribution; whether it is an academic journal, a manuscript of your dreams or a manual to be the very best architect of academic courses.

Create a world of dreams; breathe words to life in vacuum. And because, YOU CAN!







Swong Ching U (Cherry)

B.B.A. ~ (4th Batch) Senior

Admission Office: Associate