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Academic facilities

Campus & campus life

East Delta University is located at 1267/A Goshaildanga (nearby Barek Building roundabout), Agrabad, Chittagong. It is housed in a nine storied building with 24,000 sq ft of available space for EDU. This will be the site for the University until a permanent facility is built. The University will be shifted to a permanent campus within five years. Presently the university is fully equipped to provide for a comprehensive learning environment for the students and the faculty members. The programs, services and facilities at our institution are designed to enhance the overall university experience. A harmonious environment is maintained among employees, professors, researchers and students at our institution.

Library & e-Library

Many universities in the country suffer from the lack of a good library. East Delta University is not one of them. The university is committed to building up its library from its very inception. In addition to traditional books and journals, the library provides students with accesses to such services as specialized on-line case studies, CD-ROMS, on-line catalogues and access to electronic media. It is open for long hours and houses several computers for academic browsing purposes. A Wi-Fi zone awaits to provide wireless internet connectivity to your personal notebook (laptop) within your library area.

Technology support services

East Delta University places a great importance on the provision of computing facilities. The university has an extensive network of PCs for use by location. Additionally, special facilities such as scanning and printing options are offered. All PCs have access to an impressive range of software and courseware to meet both general needs and the demand of particular course. Remote access to email, file store and other resources are available. The university also provides free Wi-Fi zones (wireless internet connectivity) in the campus area.

Class rooms

Your fully air-conditioned class rooms are mediated with computer projection and other sophisticated presentation equipments.

Computer lab

EDU’s state-of-the-art instructional technology lab is equipped with networked PCs, flat 17″ LCD monitors, laser printer, multimedia projector, overhead projector, and scanner. It provides a general computing environment for all EDU students to conduct research, complete homework assignments, and carry out electronic communication.

Physics & Chemistry lab

Your physics-chemistry lab provides valuable platform to collaborate classroom theories with practical knowledge.

Seminar hall

University education is an incorporation of various seminars, conferences, and events. You will find these elements under one roof inside your campus building saving all your trouble and traveling expenses. Your life at EDU is going to be a “happening” one. And since all of it is about to “happen” right inside your campus in your very own seminar room, all you have to do is just drop by. So! Traveling over to other venues to attend seminars? EDU students don’t really need to worry about that.

Academic support

Your instructors are available – “Advancing Knowledge, Enriching Lives” – here on the 7th floor.

Book store & Photocopy

A bookstore along with a photocopy center ensures that lecture sheets, text materials, case studies, and stationeries are always within your arm’s reach; and that the extra hassle of hunting for such facilities is erased from your university life.

Common room

EDU values the significance of co-education. Not only does co-ed prepare you for a career where you will be required to work side by side with your male and female colleagues, it also helps you learn how to work in close collaboration with diverse people. However, EDU also acknowledges the sheer importance of privacy and personal space. This is why, you are provided with air conditioned  separate female common room alongside a general common area for all.