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Master of Business Administration (MBA)




The MBA program at the East Delta University will expose students to the rigorous curriculum of an American business school, and at the same time help develop a deep understanding of the complex Bangladeshi economic and political system. It is a program that combines the American drive for efficiency and the Bangladeshi obsession with fairness and equity. In addition, the program will provide the international perspective required of every successful manager in this age of increased global competition.



The program is highly technology intensive with a strong emphasis on the technological component of the business decision-making process.


The program is value-based, with a clear commitment to the importance of ethical business dealings for a sustainable business expansion.

Focused on entrepreneurship

The program is designed to help create entrepreneurs. Traditionally, post-graduate schools in management have stressed and focused on how to create good and effective executives in corporate settings. This program will focus not only on creating new executives for existing businesses, but train entrepreneurs to create new businesses.


The program is designed to incorporate non-traditional students. Classes will be offered during the evenings and on weekends to suit the needs of working students.


The total of 60 credit hours is required to obtain an MBA degree.Credits are distributed in the following manner:

Foundation Courses 24 credits
Core Courses 19 Credits
Integration Courses 5 Credits
Concentration Courses 12 Credits
Total 60 Credit
** Students who have completed undergrad from a BUSINESS (Hons.) background will need to complete 36 credits and 48-60 credits for students of NON-BUSINESS background.


  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Banking Management
  • International Business
  • Development Economics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Information System
  • Human Resources Management


Before being formally admitted into the MBA program, a student must demonstrate proficiency in the following areas:

  1. Economics, Accounting, Business Law, Marketing, Management, Statistics and Computer Application in Business.
  2. Minimum CGPA 2.00 in undergraduate degree.
  3. Student must meet the admission requirements for under graduation program of School of Business Administration.
  4. Proficiency may be demonstrated either by completing undergraduate courses in relevant areas or by taking a formal test offered by the School of Business Administration. The program director will evaluate each application and recommend the appropriate course of action. The School will offer prerequisite classes on regular basis.


Cost estimation for 1 (one) semester
Total Credits 12 (approx.)
Regular Rate BDT 5,000/- Per Credit
Flat Fee Waiver 20%
Tuition Fee (after waiver) BDT 4,000/- Per Credit
Semester Fee BDT 11,000/-
Total BDT 59,000/-
**The tuition fee structure mentioned above is slightly different for the prospective students who are currently employed. Instead of a 20% waiver of the tuition fee, a 40% waiver will be granted.

Admission Fee BDT 25,000/- [One Time]
Admission Form Fee BDT 1,000/- [One Time]
Student ID Card & Other Fee BDT 500/- [Per Semester]


The School holds memberships in various international accreditation bodies. Thus it maintains a high standard of Business Education.



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