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Dr. Rashed Al Karim

Associate Professor

School of Business Administration
Email: rashed@eastdelta.edu.bd

Academic Qualifications:

Master in Business Administration (Major in Marketing)

University of Wales, UK (Sept, 2008- March, 2010)
MBA Dissertation Topic: Investigate the Key Factors Affecting Online Shopping Consumer Behavior in UK Perspective

Master of Science (Major in Physics, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh (2004)

M.Sc Thesis Topic: Arsenic and Heavy Metal Concentrations in Surface Soils and Vegetables of Feni District in Bangladesh.

Bachelor of Science (Major in Physics)

University of Chittagong, Bangladesh (2001)

Area of Interest:

    Business Research Methods
    Marketing Management
    Marketing Research
    Service Marketing
    Consumer Behavior
    Tourism & Hospitality Management
    Corporate Social Responsibility.
Area of Research Interest:

    Tourism & Hospitality Management
    Corporate Social Responsibility
    Service Marketing, Consumer Behavior.

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Conference Paper:

  1. Karim, R. A. (2018, July). Urgent Need for CSR in Bangladesh with an Emphasis on Environmental Issues. Paper presented at the 9th Knowledge Management International Conference (KMICe), Sarawak, Malaysia.
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