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Academic Information

Academic calendar

Number of semesters:

a.Spring semester (January – April)
b.Summer semester (May – August)
c.Fall semester (September – December)

Class attendance:

Students would be required to attend 95% (ninety-five percent) of the classes held per semester in each course. The course instructor would explain the university policy in this respect at the beginning of each academic program.

Academic advising:

Each and every student of East Delta University would be assigned to an Academic Advisor. The Advisor will help students plan out his/her course selection in order to graduate smoothly and in the minimum amount of time. In addition, the academic advisor will help with add/drops, change of courses and with transfer credits. Students are encouraged to remain in touch with their academic advisors all throughout their stay at East Delta University.

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These advisors will be also available for confidential counselling at times of personal or emotional difficulty.


An orientation program for the students will be conducted at the beginning of the academic year to familiarize them with the rules/regulations of the University, registration proceeding and other aspects of studying at East Delta University.