1. What is Access Academy?
Access Academy is a non-degree (non-credit) program that works towards developing the students’ capability to adapt with the rigorous undergraduate academic curriculum of East Delta University.

2. Who needs to take it?
All the students taking admission in East Delta University need to go through Access Academy. Depending on the Admission test performance they will be required to take1 (minimum) to 3 (maximum) courses.

3. What are the courses offered and the Admission test criteria?
The admission test in East Delta University will determine the courses the student needs to take with Access Academy. Following is the breakdown of the courses:

Course Code Credit No. of hours/Classes/Duration Target Students
AA 099-Academic Reading and Writing Non Credit Course 45 hours /28 classes/ 1 semester Students who perform poorly in their admission exam (less than 60%
AA 150-Fundamentals of Quantitative Reasoning Non Credit Course 45 hours /28 classes/ 1 semester Students of School of Engineering who perform poorly in their admission exam (less than 40%)
AA 200-Student Development Seminars Non Credit Course 45 hours /28 classes/ 1 semester Every new student getting enrolled at EDU

4. Are there any additional costs associated?
Yes, there is. The tuition fees for each Access Academy course will be 9000/- BDT. Please note, if anyone has to retake a course, the same fee will be charged. Depending on the number of courses you are recommended to complete, your cost will change accordingly, for e.g. 1 course=9000 BDT, 2 courses= 18,000 BDT, etc.

5. Will my waiver or scholarship that I have received be applicable for Access Academy courses?
Unfortunately, no. Access Academy courses are not covered by your scholarship scheme or waivers.

6. What is the grade distribution and passing grade?
There will be letter grades, grade points and numerical percentage as per the following scale (used by UG as well):

Percentage (Marks) Letter Grades G.P.A
93% & Above A 4.0
89% – <93% A- 3.7
86% – <89% B+ 3.3
82% – <86% B 3.0
79% – <82% B- 2.7
75% – <79% C+ 2.3
72% – <75% C 2.0
69% – <72% C- 1.7
65% – <69% D+ 1.3
60% – <65% D 1.0
<59% F 0.0

In order to pass in Access Academy courses, a student must score at least 75% of their total grade which means C+. The AA grades will be exhibited in the final transcript of your degree.

7. Are taking these courses mandatory?
Yes, if a student performs inadequately in the admission test they have to take either AA099 or AA150 or both in a semester. If their performance is adequate for being exempted from these two courses they need to take AA200. The students who are not taking AA200 on their first semester will be taking it in their 2nd semester, after completing AA099 and AA150.

8. Will the credits be added to the transcript?
The grades and courses will show up in a student’s transcript; however, their grades will not be added to their overall CGPA as they are non-credit courses.
9. What happens when you complete all recommended Access Academy courses?
The students will be provided with a certificate after their successful completion, and the students will be called Access Academy Graduates. For the final degree graduation, each student needs to complete all AA courses.

10. Are there any absent policies?
The absent policies are strict and the decided upon the individual instructor’s discretion.

11. What happens if a student fails to complete a course?
If a student fails to receive at least 75% marks in a course they will have to retake the course.