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Our Study, Our Work


Written in Bengali by Mohiuddin Jewel for Ittefaq/English Translation by Swong Ching U (Cherry)


I was walking down the corridor and my eyes got stuck upon the three jovial girls passing information to the prospective new students. They are also students. But, they are already endowed with the so desired by all – job. East Delta University of Chittagong is providing opportunity for part time on campus job to the gifted students. The students who are doing excellent results are getting the golden chance to work on campus along with their studies.
On campus job – a term widely known in the overseas but here it is utterly fresh. The students working are also attending their classes and exams on time. They work two hours every day and the administration is considerate during exam weeks. After the graduation this will help them verify their professional abilities as well as award them a certificate for working part time. “The students who achieve a CPGA of 3.50 are the only ones who get the chance to work here. You can say it’s a competition to prove yourself professionally alongside the studies” says the assistant registrar Mrs. Fatima Haroon Daisy. She also informs that so far 10 students of different batches have earned the chance to work part time on campus.

On this matter I speak to three of the female students who are working part time with the institution. “It’s great! We enjoy working here. Same time we are learning and earning some surplus cash at the end of the month”, they add gleefully.
On this affair the registrar Mr. Arif Mahmud remarks, “Many celebrated foreign educational institutions provide these opportunities to work on campus.”

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