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University Through The Students’ Eyes

By Swong Ching U (Cherry)

In the dictionary, the word “University” is defined as – An institution of learning of the highest level. However, in the pupils’ eyes this single word “University” carries so much more understanding than a mere institution would hold. It becomes the foundation of life; the place where a young adult finally learns to find their true self, finds their true identity by learning to take responsibility and finally be the idol they always cherished to become.

At first, come the indecisiveness and worries, endless questions pop in our minds – “Where to apply?” “How to apply?” “Am I choosing the right one?” “Am I making a wrong choice?” “Will I be accepted?” The questions keep running wildly as a mad bull inside our heads; entrapping us all in our own thoughts for hours. Then the intense fear of rejection grasps our young fragile hearts. The feeling is so intense that it almost cripples us with horror. We pass all the tests. When students finally get enrolled, the whole process continues with a new chapter – learning in the classes and learning from the classes.

What I mean is, learning the courses as well as learning to co-exist and to be co-operative with a bunch of fresh newbie you just got introduced to. We share our most treasured thoughts and we make friends for life. Days pass by and slowly we start to get busy with assignments and course works. Exams arrive like a surprise rain in the autumn sky and knock the breath out of many of us. Then when the exams are finally over, we sigh with relief and bubble up with happy smiles. The anticipation of exam results builds up very slowly. At the last moments, we pass the leisure times doing nothing and wait for the results to be finally announced. Then the results hit us like a one big, monstrous truck making some of us cry out with relief and intense pride. And, making some of us cry out with sheer shame and disappointment.

No matter what the outcome is, it re-unites us all in the beginning of another new semester. The cycle continues – we laugh, we cry, we learn, we share, we fret, we argue, we dream, we live through our young lives in the hope of meeting our adult selves soon in the future. And, also to embrace them with a pure heart, dignity and pride.