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Sending With Love

By Swong Ching U (Cherry)

BBA (Senior)

The inception of this idea took place at the Brine Pickles workshop. And, the excerpts of this story was used in the article (in The daily Star Campus) which introduced the workshop. 🙂


It was a very cold, winter morning. Everything was absurdly snow white and mother was taking Kamrul for shopping. Kamrul isn’t a fan of shopping, not at all. Unless it’s shopping for toys and candies of course. But that day Kamrul was quite cheerful about going for shopping. However, the return journey wasn’t the same at all. Mother pursed her lips as he stomped his foot, grumbled, pouted impolitely on their way back home. The lady in the store had remarked, “That little

boy must really love sweet apples!”

As soon as they reached home and mother dropped the grocery bags on  table, Kamrul ran upstairs to his bedroom. He must urgently find a piece of white paper to write a very urgent letter. He must write to his father telling how mother had refused to buy him more apples! He peeks  inside his desk, school bag and coat pockets. His note pads are filled with silly doodles. He can’t possibly write a letter on that! He shudders at the thought or for the cold wind coming into the room from  half closed window he can’t decide.

I better go get one of mom’s shawls” he thought as he ran to mother’s room. “Oh! You old creaky armoire!” he said as he struggled to open it. After much trying and forcing the stubborn armoire opened for him but gave him quite a start as a mysterious red jewelry box fell and cracked open on the snowy white carpet. Kamrul took a look at the revealed objects and instantly cried out “NO!!!” The rotten apples and yellow letter papers lay alone and untouched as he ran downstairs to his mother. The much distressed boy lets a little sob out. Mother was watching war news on television when he stormed into the living room. “Now, papa will starve to death! What have you done?” he said with an indignant voice, fresh tears and a broken – accusing heart. Mother smiles at her silly little boy sadly. If Kamrul had taken the time to investigate the box of unsent letters and apples he might also have come across an official letter sent to his mother which says “Missing in Action”.