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EDU Library – A Place of Mysticism

By Mehnaz Huda

Executive HR & Admin

Since the very inception, East Delta University held a firm belief that a university is as good as the library facility it offers. A promise to impart quality education remains merely a promise if the university fails to offer world class library service to its staff and students. It is this conviction and philosophy that led to the creation of a state-of-the-art library in the university’s permanent campus.
Surrounded by lush green mountains, the two-storey library will house over 50,000 books and a cozy seating arrangement, creating a one-of-a-kind reading experience for its avid users. As the Era of Digitization overpowers us – at a speed unsurpassed before, the digitization of books and evolution in reading habits among youngsters comes as no surprise. In such a situation, East Delta University understands the need to hold on to long-established traditional methods of knowledge dissemination while keeping pace with modernity and dynamism.

The EDU Library is one such place where tradition meets technology in a very unique manner. With the perfect combination of real and virtual books, the EDU Library offers its students a wide range of books to choose from. While the e-resources allow its tech-friendly users to explore the infinite treasure of online journals, the traditional learner is equally stimulated by the enormous collection of books that the specially-crafted shelves hold in the library. From political science to literature to cosmology, one can find books of all variety in the EDU Library.
The sole purpose of offering such a wide collection of books is to enrich the lives of its students just like EDU continuously propagates: Advancing Knowledge, Enriching Lives. No doubt, the EDU Library is nothing less than a place of sacred learning and knowledge-sharing, a place of mysticism.