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Board of Advisors

Dr. Debasish Chakraborty
Director, MBA Program
Professor, Department of Economics
Central Michigan University, Michigan 48858
  • BA in economics (Calcutta University)
  • MA in Economics (Calcutta University)
  • Ph.D. in International Finance (University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
  • Consultant-General Motors
  • Consultant-Chrysler Corporation
Dr Chester A. Newland
Duggan Distinguished Professor of Public AdministrationSchool of Policy, Planning and Development
University of Southern California
Sacramento Center, 1800 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814 – 3004
  • BA in Government, University of North Texas, 1954.
  • MA and PhD in Political Science (Public Law and Administration), University of Kansas, 1955 & 1958.
  • Editor-in-Chief of the Public Administration Review (PAR), 1984-1990.
  • Fellow and past trustee of the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA).
  • Former national president of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA).
  • Former Director of the Federal Executive Institute, the U.S. Government’s topmost training and development center.
  • Recipient of the Dwight Waldo Award for a Lifetime of Scholarly Contributions to Public Administration (presented by ASPA).Served in Kazakhstan with the UNDP in work to create the Agency on Civil Service.
  • Other honors include the Stockberger Award for Human Resources Leadership (1979); the Outstanding Career Executive Award, presented by the Federal Executive Institute Alumni Association (1981); the Elmer Staats Public-Affairs Teaching Award (1989); and the Van Riper Award for Lifetime Practitioner/Academic Leadership (2002).
  • Served in Kazakhstan with the UNDP in work to create the Agency on Civil Service.

Dr. David L. Woodruff
Professor & Associate DeanGraduate School of Management
University of California,
Davis, CA 95616-8609


  • B.S. & M.S. (Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management), Stanford University, 1979 & 1980.
  • Ph.D. (Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences), Northwestern University, 1990.
  • Current Area Editor – Methodology, Journal of Heuristics.
  • Visiting Professor, Abteilung Wirtschaftsinformatik und Informationsmanagement, Technische Universität, Braunschweig, Germany, 1998-1999.
  • Programmer Analyst, RMT, Inc., Madison, WI, 1985-1987.
  • President, Jewelers Computer Applications, Inc., Madison, WI, 1982-1986.
  • Research interests include: Heuristic search optimization techniques, Production planning and control, Stochastic integer programming, Robust multivariate data analysis, and Bioinformatics.
  • He has to his credit as many as 4 dozens of scholarly papers published in internationally reputed engineering management journals.

Mushtaque Ahmed
Managing Director & Chief Consultant
NetValue (Brand & Marketing Consultancy and Training Firm)
House # 54, Road#9, Sector #5 Uttara, Dhaka


  • Former CEO of Adcomm (one of the leading advertising agencies of Bangladesh)
  • Creator of renowned brands such as Peps-gel, Genisol shampoo and Camellia Soap since 1999 mainly for overseas markets like India, Pakistan, Middle Eastern & East European countries
  • Teaching at both IBA & University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh (ULAB)
  • Ex-faculty of East-West University
  • Graduate of IBA (Institute of Business Administration, Dhaka)
Dr. Habibul H. Khondker
Chair and Professor Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Zayed University
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


  • B.A. (Hons) (Dhaka University)
  • M.A. (Dhaka University)
  • M. A., Ph.D. (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
Roy L. De Barbieri
De Barbieri and Associates,
Attorneys & Counselors at Law,
LLC677 State StreetNew Haven,
Connecticut 06511


  • Attorney and Counselor at Law; Business and Venture Management
  • Adjunct Professor Southern Connecticut State University
  • Arbitrator, American Arbitration Association
  • B.S. Degree in History and Political Science (Mount St. Mary’s College, Emmitsburg, Maryland)
  • Juris Doctor (J.D.) (Cleveland State University)
Rebecca Chakraborty
Associate Professor
Department of Economics
NorthWood University, Midland, Michigan 48640


  • BA in economics (Calcutta University)
  • MA in Economics (University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Shahid U. Mahmud
Senior Utility Specialist
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, USA
  • Former Associate Professor (Department of Management, University of Chittagong)
  • Master Degree in Commerce (University of Chittagong)
  • Master of Business Administration in International Business (Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio, USA)
  • Master Degree in International Affairs (Development Studies, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio)
Dr. Niazur Rahim
Associate Professor of Finance
Luter School of Business
Christopher Newport University
Newport News, VA 23606


  • B.S. (Mechanical Engineering, BUET)
  • M.B.A. (Virginia Common Wealth University, USA)
  • Ph.D. (Virginia Common Wealth University, USA)
Dr. Mokerrom Hossain
Department of Sociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice
Coordinator, Criminal Justice Master Degree Program
Virginia State University, Petersburg, Virginia 23806
  • B.A. (Hons.) in Sociology (Dhaka University)
  • M.A. in Sociology (Dhaka University)
  • Master and Ph.D. in Sociology (University of California, Riverside)
Dr. Shahid M. Shahidullah
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice
Virginia State University
Petersburg, VA 23321


  • B.A. (Hons.)
  • M.A. (Dhaka University)
  • M.A., M. P. I. A. (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
  • Ph.D. (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
Syed Shafiquddin Ahmed
President and CEO S & P Corporation,
S & P Real Estate, S & P Imports and Exports
147 Fitch Street, New Haven
Connecticut 06515


  • Former President and Secretary, Chittagong Press Club, Chittagong Union of Journalists.
  • Former Secretary, Chittagong Water Supply & Sewerage Authority, Chittagong.
  • B.A. (Hons.) Economics, Chittagong University
  • M.A. Economics, Chittagong University
  • Diploma in Modern Management, Institute of Industrial Society, London, UK
  • Certificate of training on MIS, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand.
Dr. Sheikh Tawfique Moyazzemul Haque
Associate Professor, Department of General and Continuing Education (GCE)North South University, DhakaBangladesh


  • Ph.D in Public Administration, Dhaka University
  • M. Phil. in Public Administration, University of Bergen, Norway
  • Master of Social Science (MSS) in Public Administration, Dhaka University
  • Bachelor of Social Science (BSS) in Public Administration, Dhaka University

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