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The quality of any program is determined by the quality of its faculty members. The university committed to providing the best possible faculty to its students. With this in mind, the University developed two pools of faculty members:

The first pool of faculty members are the full time members who would provide for the basic foundation of the University. The second pool of faculty members consists of the part time or adjunct faculty members who are available to our students for some specific courses. This is a pool of faculty that come from:

(a) Overseas, especially from the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, India and Hong Kong.
(b) Bangladesh, who are engaged in other highly reputed academic institutions.
(c) Business Executives who would bring us not only academic quality but also strong industrial experience.

The University has made every effort to recruit the best faculty members in each of the offered fields. In addition to teaching classes on a regular basis, they are also responsible for conducting research, academic advising and participating in other academic activities of the University.

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