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Grading System

Academic performance of a student in a given course could be based on continuous assessment. There may be weekly/fortnightly tests in addition to the major examinations; mid-semester examination given in the eighth/ninth week and the final examination in the seventeenth week. Before the final examination, there will be a one-week class break. Class participation will be the major criterion for assessment. After successful completion of a course, a student will earn three credits.

There will be letter grades, grade points and numerical percentage as per the following scale:

Percentage (Marks) Letter Grades G.P.A
93% & Above A 4.0
89% – <93% A- 3.7
86% – <89% B+ 3.3
82% – <86% B 3.0
79% – <82% B- 2.7
75% – <79% C+ 2.3
72% – <75% C 2.0
69% – <72% C- 1.7
65% – <69% D+ 1.3
60% – <65% D 1.0
<59% F 0.0

Individual instructors may choose to change their grading structure.

In addition, there will be an “I” (incomplete) grade for unfinished work; students would complete the specific course within the following academic semester; otherwise he/she must have to retake the course. There will also be a Withdrawal (W) Grade.

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An ‘I’ grade is given to a student who has fulfilled the majority of the course requirement but has been unable to complete. The requirement should be fulfilled by the student before the end of the following semester in consultation with the course-instructor, failing which the grade converts to ‘F’. The student is not required to register for the course in the next semester.

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Students may repeat a course if he or she feels grade improvement is possible. Re-registration and payment of all applicable fees are required accordingly.

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Students can WITHDRAW a course they plan to stop attending after the last date of add/drop period of the intended semester and before the mid-term of the course. The grade will be “W” and the payment will be non-refundable.

Credit/No credit policy

An undergraduate student may take courses on a Credit/No Credit basis subject to regulations is summarized here. The grade is converted to credit or no credit according to the following guidelines. The students earn credit (CR) for the course and credit toward graduation when a grade of C- or better is assigned. A maximum of 25 semester hours of credit earned under the credit/no credit option may be applied toward an undergraduate degree.

Academic Performance Evaluation

The grade point average (GPA) is a numerical value obtained by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the number of credits for the semester. The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is computed by dividing the total grade points by the total credits.

Students with CGPA below 2.0 will be considered to be making unsatisfactory progress towards the earning of the Degree. Such a student will be placed on probation for one semester for improving his/her academic performance. In case no improvement occurs, the student may face dismissal for one semester after which a re-admission prayer would be considered.

Outstanding Scholarship Recognition

Semester recognition:

To qualify for Dean’s list recognition, a student must meet all of the following conditions:

1) have registered for and completed 12 or more letter-graded hours of EDU

2) have earned a semester grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

The Vice Chancellor’s list honors those students on Dean’s list and who achieved 4.0-semester grade point average (GPA).

Graduation with Honors:

Point Average
3.90-4.00 Summa cum laude
3.75-3.89 Magna cum laude
3.50-3.74 Cum laude


A student desiring a transcript of her or his record from the university should submit a written request to the office of the Registrar. Transcripts of student’s with a financial or similar obligation to the university are not released until the obligation is paid or resolved.

Academic suspension policy

New freshmen and transfer students are subject to academic suspension if their first-semester grade point average falls below the range of academic probation. Suspended students may re-enroll for the next academic session if granted permission by the academic council.

Academic dismissal policy

A student is subject to academic dismissal if his or her point average falls below the point average range for probation, or when the student has been on academic probation for three consecutive semesters and has not made strong academic gains.

EDU Virtual Hub

This service HUB is designed for the existing students of East Delta University. If you are our student and looking to get administrative help related to your study at EDU, you will be able to connect important offices through this HUB. Please click on the office that you need to consult with.

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