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EDU Hosts First Ever Session Of BSHRM In Chittagong

East Delta University (EDU) hosted the first – ever program of Bangladesh Society for Human Resource Management BSHRM in Chittagong. An exclusive career development session on ‘Ten Secrets of Success for a Dream Career’ for the students of EDU perusing major/minor in HRM was held on Tuesday, July 26, 2011; at 3:00 pm jointly organized by EDU & BSHRM. Dr. Mir M. Nurul Absar Nahid, Associate Professor of HRM, EDU was the moderator of the session while Kazi M. Ahmed, CEO, FutureLeaders; Secretary, Nordic Chamber of Commerce & Industry was the key presenter. Mr. Tahseen Zakaria, Training Manager, GlaxoSmithlkine, & Coordinator, BSHRM, Chittagong Chapter delivered the address of welcome. Around 60 students attended the session. Speakers of the session agreed that from now onwards EDU & BSHRM would work together in creating a common platform for the present and future HR professionals in Chittagong. This event is another landmark for EDU in building corporate network for internship and placement of EDU graduates.