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Seminar On Ethical Crises Or Financial Crises

Keynote Speaker of Seminar on “Ethical Crises or Financial Crises” Prof. Dr. Habibul Haque Khandker of Zayed University, UAE with others.

A Seminar on “How Ethical Crises Affects Financial Crises” was held on Sunday, July 04, 2010 at the East Delta University Campus, Agrabad, Chittagong. Keynote Paper was presented by the EDU International Advisor Prof. Dr. Habibul Haque Khondker, Head of the Department of Social and Behavioral Science, Zayed University, UAE.

He focused on the global social evolution since 20th century. The evolution was not confined merely within the political boundary of any particular nation. Nor it was meant for any particular country. Rather, the evolution, since its inception, from the period of free individuals, gradually engulfing the society and eventually transforming itself into Socialist form of governance of different countries around the world. The period anchored as the golden period of Socialism.

By the end of 20th century, with the gradual downfall of Socialism, Capitalism again started to flourish across the globe. During the current decade it has become extremely crucial for various nations around the world to recover from their financial meltdown. As a result, side by side with the core concept of profit maximization of capitalism, social responsibility and morality also started getting importance as the cornerstone of survival and sustainability of mankind.

As such, nowadays, only profit maximization is not the only key to business success. Rather, business aimed for mankind, humanity, morality driven by ethics has been proved to be the key to real business success. He strongly recommended younger generations to practice ethics in their day to day life for their sustainability.

The Chair of the Seminar, EDU VC Prof. Md. Sekandar Khan in his address referred the new concept of business initiated from Bangladesh, “Social Business” of Prof. Mohammad Yunus and drew attention of all.

The Seminar was moderated by the Coordinator and Registrar-in-Charge Prof. A. Qaiyum Chowdhury.

EDU Faculties Prof. Dr. Abul Hossain, Dr. Tahlil Azim, Dr. Nurul Absar Nahid, Mr. Moslehuddin Khaled, Mr. Raihunul Harun, Mr. Shubhabrata Saha, Ms. Tabassum Chowdhury, EDU students Arafat Hossain and Shaad hossain took part in the discussion. Sr. Dy. Director Mr. Sajal Kanti Barua, PR Officer Mr. Romel Raihan and all the students were present in the seminar.