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EDU Halloween Party

A Halloween Party was organized in EDU for the first time at the Agrabad Campus on Friday, 16th Nov, 2012. The idea was originally initiated by some of the senior students of Strategic Management course such as Imran A Dovash, Tamima Alam, Mehnaz Huda, Amirul Islam and Ashab Uddin. The concept was brought to life through the joint approval and cooperation of the Faculty Members and the Admission Office.

Kaspia Sharin, Fariha Akram, Mehnaz Huda, Shakawat Sabbir, Safayet Hossain and Abdul Raihan Mahid took charge of decorating the venue.

Keeping track with the theme of the party, the entire stage was turned into a graveyard with tombs, skeletons, bats, spider webs, pumpkins, ghosts and witches giving a creepy and alarming look to set the atmosphere for the party.

The students turned up in huge numbers adorning costumes of various characters ranging from vampires to ghosts and the like. Zaeed Bin Zubair, a student of the 13th batch, enthralled the students on the dance floor as he displayed his unmatched skills of being a DJ. Saleh Sunan of 8th batch, turned the eerie atmosphere light with a special qawwali performance, bringing smiles on the faces of the ghost-clad students. Yeassier Arafat Babon of 7th Batch and Md. Faizul Mubin of 10th Batch captured the best moments of the evening through their outstanding photography.

The party was also participated by the Japanese Interns who were doing their Internship Program at EDU for the first time in Bangladesh from Japan. Nozomi Shima did a wonderful work with her Bugs Bunny outfit looking cheerful. Oshi and Ayia also joined the party taking part in lively dance with all others students.

Thus, the party’s main highlight was the fact that it was initiated, organized and implemented solely by the students. Be it decoration, arranging the snacks, costumes, DJ or photography, the students of EDU worked in complete harmony to make the party a grand success. All in all, it was a very ghostly affair!