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Freshman Party At EDU

Freshmen’s Party to welcome all new fresh intakes of East Delta University took place on Saturday, June 01, 2013 in the 8th floor at Agrabad Building. The atmosphere was cheery and the aspiration to welcome the new friends and family members with utmost optimism was genuine.
The entire EDU Building was ornamented gorgeously with bright and striking outfit and extravagant lightings. It was a marvelous exposition of tasteful decoration and performances inspired by the amalgam of aesthetic demonstration of folk and modern songs, recitation of poems from Tagore’s and western theme of the hip hop-rock n’ roll dance.

The event started as the two hostesses Sumaya Mehzabeen and Tasniya Zaheer invited the Vice Chancellor on the stage. He recited “Sonar Tori”, a poem of Tagore. Students in the auditorium joined him humming enthusiastically. The amusement lifted up to the zenith as Professor Dr. Nurul Absar and the Vice Chairman, BoT played the songs “Akash Eto Meghla” and “O Re Neel Doria” respectively in their bold and melodious voices. Registrar (In-Charge) Arif Mahmood Khan played few lines from very melodious number “Kobita Porar Orohor Ashechhe Raater Nirjoney”. Director Planning and Development described his some funny experiences. Ms. Rafia Akhter added glamour to the voice session with her play of beautiful song. The impersonation of Faculty Rafia Akher was applauded by the audience. Then, the ostentatious Fashion Show was the focal attraction of the event.

The second round of the program was solely played by the students of EDU. In-house Bands FNC, Unmaad and Cryonics floated the audience in the ocean of glee by their beautiful presentation of music. Flawless performance of dancing of Fatema, Fahima, Pradipta, Taziam, Sakib, Tasniya, Anika, Sanjida and Razia captured the huge round of applauses of all the audience.
As the DJ round started right after taking a short break for refreshments vibrant disco lights started dancing rhythmically on the animated floor. The entire hall room grew lively with excitement; the booming music infused spirited souls and hundreds of relentless students with full of energy danced on the dance floor till 9:15 pm.
The entire event was organized under the direct supervision of Faculty Rafia Akhter, Rashed Al Karim and Ishtiaq Aziz. Assistant Registrar Daisy played important role in organizing and coordinating the program.