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Orientation Ceremony Spring 2014


“Be a patriot….love your country…nowadays we see the lack of patriotism among the young generations”–these were the key words that  Mr. Naquib Khan highlighted as the orientation speaker for Spring 2014  at EDU on 25th January 2014 . Mr. Khan, known as the famous singer, composer and founder of “Renaissance”-the music band, is by profession the “Corporate Affairs Director” at Nestle Bangladesh Limited. During his daylong program at EDU, he mentioned that EDU is one of the best private universities in Bangladesh and EDU’s supply chain management course in MBA as the country’s only supply chain management major offered by EDU.

Mr. Khan advised EDU students to follow the three ‘D’ concept (Dream, Dare, and Deliver) in their pursuit to becoming leaders of the society.

Founder Vice Chairman, BoT, Mr. Sayeed Al Noman, the visionary architect of EDU, said in his speech that innovation is a basic trait of any successful endeavor in today’s world. Students should value the idea of innovation and creativity and apply the same to their work ranging from preparing a mere class assignment to completing internships outside the University. Mr. Noman also said that students should refrain from falling victim to plagiarism. “Copy and paste”-ing from internet and other sources, is one of the easiest ways that students may lose their creativity. He emphasized on the need to behave and perform ethically and responsibly. Last but not least, Mr. Noman also highlighted the issues of research, training and development of EDU faculty members with a goal to become one of the top universities in the region.

Vice Chancellor Professor Muhammad Sekandar Khan, being the chief guest, highlighted the issues of patriotism and moral/ethical teaching by EDU faculties. He thanked Mr. Naquib Khan for visiting EDU and sharing his experience with the students.

The daylong eventful orientation program was conducted in four different segments. One was held in the morning for undergraduate students and in the evening for the MBA students followed by some of Mr. Khan’s famous songs: “Ridoy Kadamatir Kono Murti Noy”, “O nodire tui jaas kothay re”, “Aarot Bari Jaiyo Tui” and “Mon Sudhu Mon Chuyeche”. This musical event was followed by a seminar conducted exclusively for EDU MBA students on “Supply Chain Management in FMCG Industry Environment”. Here, Mr. Khan emphasized on integration and coordination of different departments and processes with Supply Chain Management (SCM) department. He said SCM was previously treated as one isolated individual department but in reality, the concept encompasses all the activities of both intra- and inter-organizational processes. At the end of the seminar, he focused on the need of utilizing information systems as a crucial component of SCM technique.

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