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MGH Group Campus Recruitment
Networking and Placement Cell regularly organizes Campus Recruitment events and MGH Group is one of the organizations that came to EDU this year. It is a part of placing our students into good career prospects after their graduation and introducing them to the process before that.
EDU & IIUM Mobility Program: The Experience Sharing of Faculty & Students
Every year our students get the chance to go to International Islamic University Malaysia for academic exchange program. This way they have the much coveted international exposure that EDU proactively wants to provide for their students.
MoU Signing between BSHRM and East Delta University
A memorandum of understanding was signed with BSHRM and the event was held in the university permanent campus. The professional development course in Human Recourses Management, in collaboration with BSHRM is one of the key parts of this MoU.
Drishty Business Idea Contest
EDU achieved the championship this year continuing their legacy of winning this contest for years. Each year our students showcase their potential of excelling in the business world by their performance in these competitions and our clubs and faculties are very dedicated towards their achievements.
Career Hacks and Skill Development Workshop
10 Minutes School came to the EDU campus for one of the many workshops that Networking and Placement Cell arranges in order to improve the necessary skills in a student even before they start applying for the workforce. So that they have the necessary preparation ahead of time.
Public Speaking Competition 2018
Organized by Erudition Club, this particular completion has gained popularity among students for its vastly interesting topics and the atmosphere that enabled them to speak up. Even the shyer students in class felt enthusiastic about speak out. East Delta has always encouraged these types of student activities where their personal skills can improve.
EDU Business Week and Business Fair
One of the most anticipated events of the year is the Business Week. Organized by the School of Business, this week is full of activities that promote the students hard work that they put into developing business ideas or crafting good that could be sold in the campus. Young entrepreneurs have their chance to shine and hone their skills in a very encouraging environment.
Power plant visit Karnafuli Hydroelectric Power Station
The students of Power System Analysis Laboratory had the rare opportunity to go and visit the Karnafuli Hydroelectric Power Station to understand practically how their theoretical knowledge is being practically put into good use. One of the jobs of Networking and Placement Cell is to make the path easier for these events for the students as these opportunities come by rarely.
Visit of the Canadian Trade Commission
To discuss possible collaboration between the Canadian Universities and East Delta University, the Canadian Trade Commission graced us with their presence. Networking and Placement Cell organized the event where Scholarship opportunities, prospects for faculties to pursue higher degrees and conducting regular seminars and workshops were the more prominent topics discussed among various others. We look forward to the collaboration that will be very beneficial for our students in terms of higher education and professional development.
GrameenPhone Campaign: 3G To 4G Meet Tahsan
Networking and Placement Cell organized the event where Tahsan Khan the talented musician, teacher and social media influencer inspired the EDU student body to be more creative and chase after excellence.