Mission, Objectives & Scope


"East Delta University is committed to excellence in all aspects of life both inside and outside the classroom, to integrity, innovation that improves quality of life, respect for diversity and enhancement of global learning through extensive collaborative efforts with universities and businesses all around the world."


In pursuit of academic excellence, EAST DELTA UNIVERSITY will adhere to the core values:

1. Maintain academic leadership of the highest caliber in all the field of studies offered by the university

2. Provide high-quality education to all of its students, regardless of their background, inspiring them to develop to their fullest potential, and help them transform into an outstanding individual in their professional life.

3. Arrange collaboration, affiliation, partnerships, and student exchange programs with well known academic institutions from all over the world.

 4. Establish effective advising centre/placement cells designed to help students obtain gainful employment and/or pursue higher education in Bangladesh and in foreign universities.

5. Provide state-of-art library facilities and other tools to enhance student learning.

6. Contribute to the advancement of the knowledge society, achieving social cohesion and improving the quality of life in national and global communities.

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